Why I Will Never Respect Meghan Trainor

Dear Meghan,

You have manipulated thousands of adolescent teenagers into a twisted ideology of positive body image, and what’s worse is that I don’t think you even know you in are in the wrong. I do believe that you have a good, kind heart- I really do. However, I believe you are grossly misinformed and confused about your own image, and because of that, you should not be a symbol of positive self-image for women of any age.

Your fame is based off of your promotion of the idea that every female is beautiful in her own way- a belief that I have as well. The difference is that I don’t promote the idea that being curvy is necessarily better than being thin. You have degraded petite females to get further on your path to fame, and further skewed the concept of “positive body image.”

Any revenue you have collected from your song “All About That Bass” is dirty money, and you should be embarrassed as to how you “earned” that money.

At first listen, your song is about self-confidence and self-acceptance. Both of these concepts desperately need promotion in young America, as over 75% of women between the ages of 15 and 17 admit to participating in self-destructive behavior as a result of having low self-esteem.

Unfortunately, by the second listen of your song, it is clear you are going about body positivity the wrong way. You say “boys they like a little more booty to hold at night,” which tells your young and confused female listeners that a man’s acknowledgment is important, and the reason they should obtain a certain build. What’s worse is you shame petite frames, and many women have petite frames that they have acquired naturally or through a healthy lifestyle. When you refer to these women as “stick-figure, silicone Barbie doll[s],” you are belittling their lifestyle choices and their own self-image. As if “Barbie” isn’t degrading enough, you went on to call the same category of women “skinny bitches.” Body positivity is not exclusively available to curvy women, and whatever your definition of “bitch”- it is not exclusive to petite women.

Now I will not tell you that every petite woman in the world has obtained that weight naturally. Eating disorders are a serious issue in America, affecting 10 million women and 1 million men nationwide. Unfortunately, you have even managed to degrade those 11 million individuals by making light of their struggle in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. You told interviewers “you were never strong enough to have an eating disorder.” Here is where I would like to stop you, and explain what somehow you have not grasped: you are now glorifying eating disorders, while also shaming petite frames and promoting a curvy frame.

You are a walking contradiction, and I do not respect you or your ideologies.

I am sorry for the young women who will hear your misinformed and offensive view on self-acceptance, and I am sorry especially for the young curvy women who will now seek inappropriate affirmation and attention from their male peers. I am sorry for the young petite women who now believe they are not attractive. Lastly, I am sorry for the individuals that struggle with eating disorders, because society was just starting to grasp the seriousness of such illnesses, and you have now stopped that progression with your thoughtlessness.

You owe the young women in this nation an apology, and I am ashamed that you have become an icon for body positivity in America. You have done nothing but manipulate young minds to further your career.



610 thoughts on “Why I Will Never Respect Meghan Trainor

  1. It’s all marketing, and Meghan Trainor is just looking for a gimmick to make money, nothing more. It says a lot that she started losing weight the day “All About That Bass” became a hit. It’s all BS. That’s definitely a reason not to respect her. She sold out while the ink was still wet on her first check.

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  2. Can’t say I agree with this. She sings about what she is and how she should be and is becoming happy about that, she’s not verbally abusing skinny people as some are saying here(including the author). I respect everyone no matter what weight they are if they are a decent human being and I’ve not seen anything from Meghan that makes me believe different about her. Not the author, who was trying to be fair (but I feel is misguided) but some of the people commenting are either taking things the wrong way/finding offense where there is none, or just being jerks like that idiot a few comments above(spare time).

    I also find it funny how society generally views weight, as there was an article published only about 2 months after this one(different website) was published saying Meghan had lost a fair bit of weight and was down to about 2 dress sizes below average now(also implying that she was never really bigger than average anyway) and the person was attacking her for being a supposed role model for curvy women and yet not being curvy herself! So to some people she’s too skinny and has no right to talk for curvy women and to others she is a fat bitch who needs to stop making skinny women out to be the devil! She really can’t win!

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  3. Hate Meghan Trainor! She’s a horrible pop singer and her song “All About that Bass” is so overrated as hell! She’s not even pretty! I would rather listen to a pop artist who can sing very well and who has better meaning to his/her songs, instead of Meghan Trainor! Her voice is so bad! She’s one of the pop artists I hate! She doesn’t deserve the fame and popularity either! I wished she didn’t became an artist! I’m sorry but this is just my opinion since I don’t listen to every pop artist! Pop music nowadays are really less meaningful and annoying! Pop music was better on my younger years (2003 and below) 😐

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    1. @nitz43, I think you missed the point of the blog post completely when you say “She’s not even pretty!” What does that have to do with her singing ability or lack thereof?

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    2. don’t hate on people for attractiveness. That’s perpetuating the entire problem. Also, although I agree with you about modern pop music, saying early 2000’s music is better simply doesn’t make sense ;P

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  4. I’m a skinny gal & this song in no WAY or form affected me.
    Folks read into things waaaaaay too much. She can be chubby, curvy, skinny or slim…. she doesn’t affect my life one way or another. I would suggest your not letting it affect yours either.

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  5. I can’t believe she isn’t writing about “dear future husband” the lyrics show women in such a bad light: “don’t you ever see your family more than mine” – what kid of person doesn’t see there own family more than there significant other? There’s more than just that.

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  6. And how is this different than almost anything else out of Hollywood or recording studios? It’s all fake gimmicks designed to make money and move on, giving no care to what it leaves in its path.

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  7. I wish the author expanded on some points in order to make this piece even stronger. I think there’s some good thoughts here that could be made even better.


  8. “But I can shake it shake it, like I’m supposed to do.”

    Hear that, young impressionable girls? As females, you’re supposed to do certain things. Be sure to fall in line with society’s set gender roles.


  9. You are completely correct. Meghan just like most of our celebrities are a contradiction. What puzzles me is how they are popular in anyway. I find the fans attemts to defend their loved icons amusing though.


  10. These are some excellent points! It is definitely resulting in a skewed belief of what a young female’s body image is supposed to be. I don’t think she has any idea that she is doing it either! Thank you for pointing this out, as I had never thought about it before. – Dylan from HonorableMed.com 🙂


  11. She’s a land whale that promotes and glamourizes being overweight to create an excuse not to work hard to be healthy. It’s simply sheer laziness.


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