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I’m just an average blonde at the a small, private university trying to keep my standards as high as my black stilettos; I put my sorority t-shirts on one sleeve at a time, just like everyone else. Most people misspell my name, or (even better) just give me a new one all together. My main hobbies include the great “they’re” vs “there” debate, and competitive crawfish eating. I think I know much more than I actually do- hence the blog.

My main belief in life is that Shakespeare (although his works may not all be his- quite scandalous, Willy boy) was the most intelligent man to walk this earth in the past millennium.

My mind seems to run at an abnormally fast rate, and I write to try and keep up with my thoughts. I’m doing an okay job at keeping up, I’ve won awards from various writing competitions nationwide. Follow me here for my overly opinionated thoughts on men, current events, greek life and friendship.

For serious inquiries and/or cat pictures, email:



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