Be a Lover and a Fighter

The idea of “being a lover, not a fighter” has always made my eyebrows furrow. To be successful in any form of the word, you need to be able to both love and fight. 

Love does not evolve from a lack of fighting, but rather the progression of passion.

If you know me, you know that some of my past relationships were built more from salt than sugar. Like most of the female population, I grew up with stories of princesses and princes slaying their dragons, so you can imagine I was shocked to discover my knights in shining armor were actually men wrapped in tinfoil.

Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella taught me to wait for a man to slay my demons, but real life experience has taught me that I have my own sword, and I am more than capable of fighting my own battles.

In 2015, I am not encountering dragons of large stature and a green complexion. I am fighting dragons disguised as emotions, and real life burdens. I cannot see them stomping up to me; they creep into the darkest crevices of your mind when you least expect it. Use your sword, princess. Don’t wait for your prince.

When you find your knight in shining armor, make him an addition to your army- not your whole army.

Be reliant on yourself; he’s just an extra piece to the puzzle.

There will come a day that you fight against your knight. It won’t be a “be all, end all” fight, but you will be standing alone. That is when you should balance your loving nature and your fighting nature.

You will have battles in your relationship, but that is expected. He will be on your side in the war, but not for every battle.

Draw your own weapon; fight your own dragons- you’ll be surprised at your own strength, princess. 


5 thoughts on “Be a Lover and a Fighter

  1. I love this message. Usually you either have to be a lover OR a fighter. I don’t know why people think that you can’t be independent AND rely on others. I’ll fight a lot of my own battles, yes, but I need to rely on my army too. (By the way, that’s an awesome illustration. I love it.)


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