How to Date the Sensitive Extrovert This Summer

She will be fragile. Handle her laughter, and her sadness, with care. She’ll tell you that her laughter sounds like rain, when to you it feels like sunshine. She will forget that you think she is beautiful, and you will have to remind her. Tell her that her hair reminds you of the forthcoming summer seas. Her tendrils like salty water, and her eyes like the ocean blue itself. Imagine her on sailboats and buried in the sand.

She will be eager to go out. She will grab you by your wrists and tell you every night is a good night to be out of the house. She will be eager to see your friends, as well as her own. But like sea salt to a wound, every word uttered behind her back will sting her. She will want everyone to love her, both on your arm and alone. She will try on five outfits and call that “a quick outfit choice.” Smile, and confirm her delusional belief- five outfit changes is nothing, she’s tried on at least fifteen in the past.

She will read books, and get lost in a world of fiction. They will probably be romance novels, and she may build up romantic gestures in her mind. Be romantic; sweep her off her feet (if she’s into it). Tell her you’d love to stay home tonight and watch her favorite movie. It will probably be one “based off of her favorite book.” She loves the kissing scenes.

She will drink coffee and tell you about the world, but will also drink beer and tell your friends about partying. She will be two different people; each side to match the situation and the mood. Alone, she might make your head spin and dance on your nerves, but when you are at a party, you will catch yourself checking her out while she befriends all who will listen to her. She has a strange way of catching attention, and you should remind her she is beautiful in her soul.

She will want days of running around in Nikes, and nights of stargazing in the grassy field behind your house. She will want days of pick up trucks and country music festivals, and nights of red Solo cup house parties. She is both sensitive and social. She will smile at you like you’re the reason she knows how to do so. Take her out and let her gallop; keep her in and tame the lion.

Taste the sea salt on her lips, and run your callused fingers through her beach infused waves. Hold her hand when she drops her freckle-filled shoulders with frustration. Maybe she is a tad overly sensitive, but that summer-bonfire-spark in her eyes will keep you coming back.


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