An Apology to the Children of Baltimore

In this past week, you have seen a cycle of violence sweep through your city. This is not just a tragedy for Baltimore, but rather a tragedy for the United States of America. The tragedy is not the protesting, which is your right as a citizen, but rather the fact that Baltimore has chosen to fight violence with violence.

Police brutality is a real thing that America needs to acknowledge and protest, but we have used the actions of a few police officers to tear down the entire profession.

With this, I want to apologize to you. You are watching confusing violence on your televisions and through your windows. We have put the lives of your older loved ones at risk when they leave their homes, and instilled fear regarding your safety in your parents and siblings. We are teaching you to fight injustice with injustice instead of education and peaceful action.

When you grow, when you are of the age you may make decisions for yourself- you will find a form of injustice you feel strongly about. I am not sure what your spark will be, but please do not follow my generation’s course of action. Educate those around you, and work for peaceful outcomes. Work for justice with justice.

I am sorry we have left your cities, your neighborhoods, in shambles. We have destroyed the streets that you will grow up in because we have decided that is the best possible way to fight for peace.

You are the future of Baltimore; you are the future of America. Be the change part of my generation has failed to pursue this past week.

You cannot put out a fire by adding more fire; you cannot abolish injustice with more injustice.

When you fight fire with fire, the whole city will burn.


4 thoughts on “An Apology to the Children of Baltimore

  1. Yeah some people don’t agree with your arguments/beliefs, but damn girl do you know how to market. This is the fourth article of yours I have stumbled upon via friends’ Facebook shares. (I do agree with this one btw, I teared up a little thinking about those kids stuck in their damn houses. I just stalked the other article with all the backlash lol)


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