6 Things I Have Learned Approaching 20

  1. Dinner does not magically appear on your table at 7 pm

My mother told me this past September that “growing up means dinner no longer appears on the table at night.” She meant this in two ways. 1. If I did not budget and spend appropriately, I would not buy food and ultimately miss out on that meal. 2. In a more metaphorical sense, things are not just given to you. Each reward, regardless of size, comes through hard work and self-control.

  1. The world will not cry with you

Life is not always going to be sunshine, and nobody wants to hear you complain when it rains. When you laugh and succeed, those around you will share in that success. But nobody will drop their everything to build you back into something. You are responsible for your own mistakes; you are responsible for you. College is a place where everyone dreams of saving the world, but at the end of the day, if you are the only person you have saved- that is okay.

  1. “Him” and “Happiness” are not similes

Do not place your happiness in his hands, keep it in your hands so it will always be in reach. If you need a night of Netflix and popcorn in your own bed, make damn sure to tell him that. Every positive part of yourself that you attribute to his company, you are lying to yourself. If you believe you are only motivated to succeed because he is, you are incorrect. That beautiful desire to climb whatever ladders you see around you has always been inside of you. If he leaves, he leaves alone. Your happiness, your beauty, your intelligence- they stay with you.

  1. Listen to music instead of Netflix while you get ready

Focus on the morning. There are birds chirping, it’s a new day. You are going to do beautiful things today. Let the pop music blasting through your bathroom be today’s playlist. Don’t watch Netflix, those aren’t real people and they don’t lead real lives. Dance on your tile floors before you put on your socks, then again with them on. Decide which way you like best, your mornings are about you. Scream along to your favorite song, and even better, do it into your hairbrush. Drink coffee, and do it without your normal two Splenda limit. Break the rules.

  1. Life isn’t always what you want to do, it’s about what you have to do

I don’t like calling businesses; I don’t enjoy getting up to a 7:15 am alarm. I don’t like leaving my bed in the morning, or e-mailing professors. I would do a lot of immoral things to eliminate these mundane tasks from my daily to-do lists. However, if I didn’t do anything of these things, I wouldn’t have invested money in my future, I wouldn’t pass my history class (or anything else for that matter) and I wouldn’t know where to meet for makeup work. So I finish my morning coffee with two tablespoons of Cold Stone creamer and I’m on my way. As I get older, my veins consistently are filling with more coffee and less blood. Cut me open, I’ll be a full cappuccino by age 25.

  1. 20’s are for adventure

People say it all the time, but these really are the best years of our life. We have some big milestones behind us, but even more ahead of us. Not all big things will be good either. You will experience your first, and maybe your fifth, broken heart. It will hurt and you will cry. You will rebound and regret it, and vodka will tell you to text him at two am and tell him you miss him. You’ll do it. But you will also run down city sidewalks in platform heels, and dig your toes into sand on tropical beaches. You will love again. You will find reasons to curl your hair, and you will find someone who kisses like coming home. You will find girlfriends that you will take trips with in your 40s, and you will find yourself. You will pack suitcases and drink champagne and wear pencil skirts. You will find your adventure, and set sail.


4 thoughts on “6 Things I Have Learned Approaching 20

  1. This article is so full of joy and positivity I don’t see how anyone could finish reading it without a smile on their face. I have been reading through quite a few blog posts and I am sad to see how yours is not as appreciated as it should be. Maybe because it inspires happiness and people can t argue about it. So if I could add one thing to your list, it would be: focus on the good stuff instead of the bad.
    It was a pleasure reading this post, congratulations!


  2. Omg I’ll be twenty in 2 weeks I’ve just started living in my own and yesterday I suffered a heart break. This was just what I needed to read. First time I’ve smiled since yesterday morning. This was an amazing little piece😏


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